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Electronic Data Discovery | Barrister Digital Solutions

Because electronically stored information can make or break your case.

Electronic Data Discovery

Litigation matters, large or small, now include electronic discovery, and managing electronically stored information (ESI) can make or break a legal case. BDS provides fully scalable, search and processing of large digital data collections, and reporting specific to your requirements.

Demystifying e-discovery

The reality today is that 97% of documents generated are in digital form and 70% of those documents are never printed. Electronic data may include e-mail and attachments, which need to be processed to be reviewed by a legal team. Our technical solutions enable us to process over 300 file types and multiple e-mail formats, including but not limited to Outlook and Lotus Notes.

We Do the Digital Data Processing For You

BDS takes the mystery out of e-discovery by implementing this digital data processing for you, to include: 

  • Deduplication – within a custodian or across custodians
  • Keyword Searches – from attorney names for potentially privileged to other topics and issues
  • Date Filters
  • Process all file types or exclude some
  • Native Review Only – including meta-data fields, extracted text and links to native files
  • TIFF Review – including metadata fields, extracted text, links to native files and TIFF images

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