Did You Know: Cybersecurity

Approximately 80% of the largest Law firms in the United States have experienced a cybersecurity breach. Did you know that 80% of law firms polled believe cybersecurity is one of their top risks. The average total cost of a data breach in the United States has increased to a sobering $6.5 million. Law firms are increasingly prioritizing their cybersecurity systems, but that alone may not be enough.

Protecting Data through a Secured eDiscovery Provider

Rather than keeping their own servers, law firms can instead reduce their potential exposure to risk by outsourcing eDiscovery and litigation support solutions. This keeps the data in a secure location and keeps the law firm from becoming a target for a cyberattack.

Without a hosted service for eDiscovery materials, a law firm has to maintain their own on-premise security. This means securing their network as well as the physical security of the system. All of this requires a significant investment in infrastructure, employee training, and maintenance.

The best solutions providers will be able to:

• Tailor document solutions to an organization based on their individual security needs.

• Maintain an in-house compliance and security team knowledgeable in the needs of the legal industry.

• Conduct regular risk assessments regarding their current compliance standard.

• Perform intrusion detection, analysis, and automated log collection for the purposes of auditing.

• Manage document disaster recovery procedures to ensure the safety of critical documentation and digital assets.

BDS’s infrastructure is SSAE-16 / PCI DDS / SOC2 compliant, ensuring that all data that is processed and stored through the hosting solution will be protected with best-in-class security standards.

A reliable eDiscovery solutions provider will be able to provide the above features in addition to improving upon the productivity of the firm. A hosted review can do more than just secure discovery materials; it can also facilitate the process of searching, sorting, transmitting, and analyzing these files.

BDS’s expert technical staff can help guide you to make the right choices for all your eDiscovery and document solutions needs. Contact us today.