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15 hours of FREE workflow consulting services, for new ediscovery customers. 



Our experts make the difference.  We will help your organization be Three people talking around a laptopmore efficient by improving eDisovery workflows.

The impacts of poorly designed or inefficient workflows can have a significant impact on the business. Project delays and errors can create an unnecessarily stressful work environment. 

Barrister Digital Solution experts, who have many years of experience covering a variety cases, can provide insight to help your team work more efficiently.  

As a new eDiscovery customer, we will give your team 15 hours of free, yes free, consultative work. Our team will review internal workflows and identify processes that can be improved. We will provide a report and options to address the problems, we can even assist in the implementation the solutions.

Ultimately, reducing your project timelines and reducing the frustrations felt by case teams. 

What our clients say

You guys are just INCREDIBLE!!!  I so appreciate the service you provide time after time!!!  We look like rock stars because you guys already are!

I wanted to mention the outstanding work your crew did for these two projects.  Professional, great attention to detail, considerate, and timely.  We look forward to working with you in the future.

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