Simplifying eDiscovery support with in-depth knowledge

eDiscovery is a process composed of many linked actions. Having the right processes, tools, and experience ensure trial materials are delivered successfully.

At Barrister Digital we utilize industry leading tools, such as Relativity and iPRO to carry out eDiscovery work, ensuring greatest compatibility with our clients. With over two decades of combined experience assisting legal teams throughout the U.S., Barrister Digital has the proven processes to deliver trial ready materials.

At Barrister we pride ourselves on delivering world class service to our clients, with:

Project Management

The Barrister Digital team has years of experience working on every aspect of an eDiscovery project. Our team can assist your team in coordinating all your efforts from the collection of data, all the way to preparing trial ready materials.

Consultation Services

Put our experience to work for you. Our team has helped hundreds of legal teams and we have worked through a lot of challenging projects. The Barrister Digital team will review your various workflows and help you identify areas where you can become more efficient.

Data Security

Barrister has teamed with Oasis Digital to provide a data hosting environment that exceeds industry security standards. From AE256 encryption for data at rest to mandatory 2 factor authentication for any session, your data is safe with us.

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