Proven Evidence collection process that ensures admissible trial materials

Our evidence collecting processes are preformed while managing and maintaining a full defense chain-of-custody. At no time is evidence compromised. We offer comprehensive collection methods and ensure that all of our evidence maintains its integrity at all times so that it is ready for presentation to a court of law.

Utilizing our powerful and trusted forensic solutions, we examine and acquire the data from a wide array of devices. These devices include cell phones and smartphones, as well as desktop and laptop computers. As part of our disk level forensic analysis, we create a comprehensive report on all of these findings. Our reports are all admissible in a court of law and will give you the information that is required for your case.

When you need forensic investigation, we understand how valuable and important this is to your case. We understand the legalities of evidence collection and will maintain the integrity of the evidence to ensure its value at the time of the court presentation.

We then create comprehensive detailed reports that will retain the value of the information and present it to the jury and the court as proper evidence. Our eDiscovery methods always utilize the highest forms of security and technology. We have had decades of experience in crafting and presenting such evidence in a court of law and we will treat your case with high regard.

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