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Litigation procedures can be time consuming and complex, and any support that you can get along the way can be hugely beneficial. The litigation services offered by BDS are designed to support you through the full cycle of litigation, by offering e-discovery and data management services, case management, data processing, and even the digitization of print evidence. Anything that you can do to keep your data secure and streamline your legal services will keep your firm in good standing in the long term and make it easier for you to take on those complex cases without issues. BDS offers full litigation support, including data discovery, database manipulation, document reviews, and more. If you’re looking for ways to future-proof your business, then you can also take advantage of our one-to-one training, so that your own legal team will always be up to speed with the latest eDiscovery best practices.

E-Discovery as a Process

Most legal professionals would rather be involved with their field of expertise than spend their time dealing with data, as they should be. Lawmakers themselves have been slow to catch up and adapt, and it’s only been in the last ten years or so that the law has started to dictate how electronic evidence should be handled on a systemic level. Services such as those offered by BDS can help teams of lawyers and attorneys to understand their responsibilities and their options when it comes to handling electronic records and evidence. We can help you understand what procedures you need to follow and teach you how to manage data.

Poor Tools for End Users

While software has gotten more user-friendly, and smartphones are now mainstream, the tools that data security and analysis teams use are still developed for tech specialists not laymen. This means that it’s hard to effectively use them without technology specialists. Litigation services and support from our team of consultants that specialize in eDiscovery allows lawyers to focus on what they do best – understanding case law and managing their cases while the software, hosting, storage and analysis is done by a technical team doing what they do best, creating a perfect partnership. Legal offices are required to store their data in ways that ensures that it is always secure, accessible to only the right people, and that changes are trackable and recorded accurately. The risk that evidence could be tampered with is something that no legal office would ever want to take. You need tools that will let you collaborate in a time efficient, cost efficient, and secure way. 97% of documents that are generated are made in digital form and around 70 percent of those documents will never see a printer – they are emailed or sent via file transfer services. Those documents may still need to be processed and they will still need to be examined to ensure that they are intact and that they have not been modified.

We are Your Digital Experts

It is vital that case teams have the tools and expertise in place to handle the information when it is available to them, otherwise they could be left at a significant disadvantage in any trial. BDS will assist you with managing cases more quickly and efficiently and provide a more efficient process every step of the way. There are many companies that offer litigation services, but how many of them are fully compliant with modern data protection laws, and have an understanding of the regulations that are associated with digital communications and storage? How many of them have years of experience of dealing with legal cases from all over the country and have their own in-house storage and warehousing solutions with security that is intended explicitly for this kind of field? We owe it to you to make sure that you are working with the best tools and the strongest experts – because that is what will get you to the front of the field. If you are concerned about handling electronically stored information (ESI) and you want to familiarize yourself with eDiscovery best practices. We will make handling your cases much easier, make your team more effective, and help ensure that you don’t step on a legal landmine in the quickly changing field of eDiscovery. Contact us today to see what partnering with BDS can do to make your case team the most effective when dealing with electronic evidence and data.

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