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Our Managed Review And Production Process

Barrister Digital Solutions is renowned for offering the best-managed review and production coupled with the highest levels of expertise and unrivaled commitment to quality. We rely on a cost-effective approach to assist clients in achieving their project goals through risk mitigation and defensibility. We can guarantee the most efficient results by offering continuity within one project and assistance from one level to the other.

We have certified project managers who can handle any project from start to finish. We achieve success because we rely on performance management (driven by metrics) as well as retaining institutional knowledge about all our clients and their projects. We have a lot of experience in managing a lot of document reviews for different types of litigations.

We also offer the same services for regulatory investigations for clients in different industries such as professional, financial, government, biotech and high tech services. We guarantee end-to-end managed solutions by engaging our in-house experts. We meet with our clients to develop the best strategies to deliver seamless transitions across different phases of all the projects. At BDS, we work to become our clients’ most trusted advisor. Our project managers are experts in legal hold implementation, collections process, managed review, production and also post-review analysis. Throughout our company’s existence, we have always strived to reduce overall costs and improve consistency by utilizing technology and implementing workflows and processes that work best for clients. With that in mind, our main focus continues to be assisting clients to achieve the strategic goals of the litigation process. Some of the tools we use during the entire process include the following:

Collaboration and Case Team Communications

We emphasize on early collaboration with the case teams. With such coordination, you can always count on a properly managed project. We also collaborate with clients to coordinate privilege and relevance gauging tests to achieve the best process and workflows.

Performance Management and Continuous Improvement

In conjunction with measuring productivity during the review phase, we also account for weighted quality. We incorporate severity factors based on risk.

Analysis of Priority Documents for Review

Of course, identifying responsive documents is a necessary part of the entire process. The key to a perfectly managed review is identifying and reporting the hot or important documents early in the process. We utilize technology and strategies to identify these documents early in the process resulting in cost savings.

Project Reporting

Finally, we provide detailed reporting for our projects to make sure our clients have the best data to make informed decisions. We have a reporting schedule that can provide daily, weekly, monthly and many more preferences depending on the needs of the clients. We also provide budget status reports to allow an effortless transition of the process. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best-managed review and production experts, you can always count on the services of BDS for the best results.

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