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Law firms, federal & local governments, corporations, finance and education turn to BDS for high-quality document scanning and conversion services

At Barrister Digital Solutions we believe Information is the medium of exchange used to gauge your mission’s success. In today’s business environment the demand that information be secure and instantly accessible is paramount. Unfortunately, when information is trapped on paper, productivity can suffer significantly. By transferring your paper, manuals, drawings, irregular documents, and archives into an electronic format, we help you free up valuable office space, ensuring quick and easy access to the information you need.

We understand that the key to a successful project is to start with the end goal in mind. Employing proven technology solutions, we tailor our approach based on your specific needs. The foundation of this approach is built on our team of experts, processes and technology, to provide services that meet your every need.

Why Choose BDS?

  • Premier Paper Discovery and document solutions provider
  • Proven Quality Assurance and Documented Procedures
  • Team of experienced professionals
  • Systems integration and document management capabilities
  • Technical expertise regarding system import and uploading
  • Hundreds of satisfied and repeat customers
  • On-Site Document Management solutions

BDS provides high quality, high volume document scanning services for organizations across all industries. We specialize in helping businesses and government agencies improve efficiency, reduce costs and become compliant. With over 20 years of experience, our team of document scanning professionals has the capacity to complete document conversion projects of any size, efficiently and in a timely manner. Our proven document imaging processes ensures that all documents are tracked at every stage of production and processed according to your specifications.

Paper Discovery & Digital Printing Services

  • Paper Discovery & DigitLitigation File Copying
  • Color Copying
  • B&W & Color Oversize Copying
  • Trial Graphics
  • Large Format Mounting
  • Bates Numbering
  • Bindery Services
  • High Speed Digital Printing
  • Document Imaging
  • Blowbacks
  • Coding
  • OCR
  • CD/DVD Duplicating
  • Project Management
  • Coding/ Indexing

Document Management & Indexing Services

BDS can provide your organization with the highest quality document imaging and indexing services available in the industry today.  Our services facilitate instant and secure access to information, enabling increased productivity, performance and profits.

Once your documents are scanned, we then index and format your data so that your electronic documents can be retrieved. We will index metadata fields and organize the digital documents in a way that makes the most sense for your organization. We utilize Optical Character Recognition Technology (OCR) to output your files to fully searchable PDFs. Our team will compile the scanned documents and configure folder structures according to your specifications. We achieve this by tailoring our services to meet the unique requirements of you project.

Document Imaging Services

Secure Facilities

  • State-of-the-Art Security Systems
  • Climate Controlled Environment

Experienced Project Management

  • Document Imaging Project Requirements
  • File Coding Manual Development
  • Quality Assurance and Status Reporting
  • Staff Oversight and Management
  • File Preparation and Unitization
  • Document Conversion Services
  • Image Quality Assurance
  • File Reassembly
  • File Indexing and Coding
  • Coding Quality Assurance

File Receiving

  • Box Level Inventory and Logging
  • Box Check-In and Check-Out Procedures

File Handling

  • Box Receiving
  • File Preparation
  • File Re-Boxing

File Unitization

  • Define Document Beginning and Ending Points
  • Document Unitization
  • File Folder Unitization
  • Box Contents Unitization

Image Processing

  • Barcode Recognition
  • Image Orientation Recognition
  • Document Preparation Detection
  • Batch Separation and Versioning
  • Blank Page Deletion
  • Thumbnail Generation for Document Navigation

Image Quality

  • Black & White / Gray Scale / Color
  • Scan Documents at 200 to 600 DPI (Enabling OCR Accuracy)
  • Advanced Text Enhancement

Image Formats

  • PDF (Image and Image Over Text)
  • TIFF and Multi-Page TIFF
  • JPEG and JPEG 2000
  • Word and RTF
  • Text Document
  • HTML and XML Document
  • Database Files
  • Conversion to almost all image and file formats

Image to Text Conversion (Optical Character Recognition)

  • Multi-Engine OCR Processing (Enhancing OCR Accuracy)
  • Enhanced Text Recognition
  • Enhanced Layout Retention (Enabling Cross Platform File Conversions)

File Metadata Coding and Indexing

  • Title Coding
  • Content Coding
  • Search Indexing
  • Document Library Indexing

Image Numbering and Stamping

  • Electronic Bates and Page Numbering
  • Electronic Page Characteristic Watermarking

Quality Assurance Procedures

  • Image Quality Review
  • Batch File Quality Review
  • Data Coding Quality Review
  • Index Accuracy Validation
  • File Compression Validation
  • Quality Control Reports

Document Scanning Services Deliverable

  • Document Shipping and Handling
  • Prepare, Scan, Convert, OCR, Code, Index and Data Integration
  • Store Deliverables on Media (CD/DVD/HD)
  • Web Access and Hosting
  • Integrate with Leading Document and Data Management Software Applications

Document Scanning Categories

  • Paper Documents
  • Large Format Documents
  • Book Scanning
  • Technical Manuals
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • On Site Scanning

Paper Documents

BDS provides high quality, high volume document scanning services for organizations across all industries. We specialize in helping businesses and government agencies improve efficiency, reduce costs and become compliant. With over 20 years of experience, our team of document scanning professionals has the capacity to complete document conversion projects of any size, efficiently and in a timely manner. Our proven document imaging processes ensures that all documents are tracked at every stage of production and processed according to your specifications.

Prior to scanning, files must be prepared efficiently in order to go through a high speed scanner. Prepping involves manually removing staples, clips, fasteners, etc., unfolding and straightening pages. We use the highest quality document scanning equipment and software technology in the industry because our goal is to deliver the best possible image quality for each and every page we scan. This technology enables the capture of full color images as well as grayscale or black & white simultaneously.

We have a variety of different scanners which enables us to digitize documents of all types, including extremely old and fragile documents. Regardless of the types of paper documents you have, we can accurately scan and index them to electronic format – making them instantly accessible and ultimately saving you time and money.

Large Format Documents

BDS provides high quality large format scanning services for all types of oversized drawings and documents.

Having a digital backup of your large format documents results in saving time, money and peace of mind knowing your vital data is archived and protected.

Large Format Scanning

Our specialized equipment enables us to provide clients with high quality digital images in black & white, grayscale or full color. Our large format scanning technicians are highly trained professionals equipped to handle over-sized documents of any type with care. When handling old or fragile documents we have a variety of processes to ensure your original documents remain intact while also ensuring the highest quality digitalconversion of your large or wide format documents.Your documents are safe in our hands.

Large Format Document Scanning Services:

  • Engineering Drawing Scanning
  • Architectural Drawing Scanning
  • Blueprint Scanning
  • Map Scanning
  • Project Plan Scanning
  • Survey Scanning
  • Highway Plan Scanning
  • Poster and Painting Scanning
  • CAD Drawing Scanning
  • Manufacturing Design Scanning
  • Over-sized Photo Scanning
  • Circuit Diagram Scanning

Archival Book & Document Scanning

Digitizing books and important documents is essential in order to protect critical information from deterioration and for disaster recovery. Electronically archived books and documents last forever and can be easily accessed for a variety of purposes.

Barrister Digital Solutions specializes in scanning books and documents of all types and sizes.  We typically output scanned books and documents to PDF files utilizing OCR technology so each e-book is fully text searchable. We can also bookmark and index chapters or sections so you can easily access the information you that you need.

Benefits of Digitizing Books & Documents

  • Transform your books to PDF files that are fully searchable using OCR technology
  • High resolution, 24-bit color or grayscale images to TIFF, JPEG or PDF
  • Auto-correction of curved text lines, shadowing & text compression due to book bindings
  • 100% QC for each image to ensure the highest quality e-books.

Archival Scanning Services:

  • Ledger Books
  • Deed Books
  • Technical Manuals
  • Research Notebooks
  • Textbooks
  • Historical Texts
  • Transcripts
  • Yearbooks
  • Periodicals
  • Catalogs
  • Rare or Fragile Books
  • Magazines & Newspapers

Technical Manual Scanning Services

BDS can digitize all of your technical documents & manuals. We use a variety of  scanning equipment to ensure that our clients’ technical manuals are converted to the highest quality, scanned images. Our technicians carefully inspect and prepare each item to make sure all contents is scanned properly – including letter or legal sized documents, photographs and drawings.

BDS performs quality control checks on all images and then indexes the metadata according to the project specifications. Files are named according to your specifications and are fully searchable through the use of OCR technology (optical character recognition), and can also be bookmarked by section or chapter. The end result is a digital archive that is easy to use and allows for instant access to the information you need.

Paper archives degrade over time and are difficult to store, retrieve and distribute. Digitizing newspapers and magazines ensures that your precious back issues are safely backed up and preserved. Electronic files are immune to degradation and can be shared or distributed instantly in digital format.

On-Site Scanning at Your Location

BDS understands that some clients have specific needs when it comes to their records.

For this reason, we’ve perfected our on-site scanning capabilities and practices. If you have documents that are extremely fragile or confidential records that cannot leave the premises, then we have an on-site scanning solution for you.

When we setup for on-site scanning at your location, our team will quickly assemble a scanning environment that is best suited for your project.

Our On-Site Project Management Team will report on time, every day to your location for the entirety of the project until it is completed. Our proven document imaging process and quality assurance methodology will be applied throughout the scope of the project.  Our goal is your complete satisfaction with every project we perform.

On-Site Scanning Benefits

  • We will implement a professional scanning environment that fits your needs and location.
  • Outsourcing scanning is more cost-effective than hiring, training & purchasing equipment to do it in-house.
  • Our equipment and workflow procedures are designed to complete your scanning project quickly and accurately.

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