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Processing and Hosting Information for Litigation

If you need help with cases or want training in the best practices for the digital age, then Barrister Digital Solutions may well be able to help you. We provide in-house hosting services allows for the storage of your data in a secure environment.

Our team of experts can help with the forensic collection and processing of your data to be reviewed, shared, and stored in a defensible manner. In conjunction with our standard services, forensic collections, processing, and hosting, we also provide training to the case teams and staff to ensure that they have a full understanding of technology best practices as well as the processes and workflows that are being implemented for their case/matters. We are committed to the continued education of our clients in reference to new legislation, standards, and challenges.

Attorneys make a commitment not just to stay well versed in case law but also to stay abreast of the latest developments in legal technology which could alter their ability to provide good representation to their clients. eDiscovery is one area that all attorneys should develop knowledge of and are things that are a part of day-to-day litigation. eDiscovery may appear to be seamless for the end user but is complex and a part of that complexity is that to fully process and interpret the files you need to have a good understanding of how the technology works.

Our data processing tools can help to organize large amounts of data and allow you to search across files and locate the more relevant documents for review. We make the process of reviewing documents easy so that you can focus on the legal aspect of the case.

We can work with Windows PC, Mac, Linux and some more esoteric operating systems and file types, and with desktop devices and mobile phones alike. Let our team of trained IT experts do the work when it comes to data, and even provide training to corporate clients, while you put together a case. We take pride in our data processing and our secure efficient hosting and look forward to supporting your work.

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