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    We offer a wide variety of binding options.

    Saddle Stitch, Coil, Wire, Tape, Velo, Comb, Perfect, 3-ring and more.

    ● Saddle Stitch – A Saddle Stitched booklet is where the pages and cover are folded in half. The folded sheets would be nested one inside the other and then stapled together along the folded crease or spine. By its nature, Saddle Stitching requires the book’s page count to be in multiples of four. Keep this in mind during your book layout to avoid any unplanned blank pages.

    ● Coil Binding – Coil binding, also called Spiral Binding, joins the pages and cover of a book using a durable plastic or metal coil that is shaped like a long spring. The coil is inserted and twisted through small holes or slots punched along the spinal edge of the book’s cover and pages. A great feature of this type of binding is that is lays flat when opened, making it a great choice for presentations, training and meetings.

    ● Wire Binding – Wire Binding is the arguably the most professional appearance for book binding, and is also referred to as twin loop wire,and wire-o. With this binding method, punched pages are inserted onto a “C” shaped spine and then a wire closer is used to squeeze the spine until it is round. Documents that are bound with wire binding will open completely flat on a desk and allow for 360 degree rotation of bound pages.

    ● Tape Binding – Tape bound books are a cost effective alternative to perfect bound books. In this type of binding, a strip of tape with glue adheres all of the pages together. It’s an excellent choice for short runs, training material, school materials and technical manuals.

    ● Velo Binding – Velo Binding, also called Strip Binding, is a binding option normally used for single use publications and prints that need to be stored for regulation purposes. Velo binding is commonly used in the legal world as it is an approved method by courts to prevent tampering of a document.

    ● Comb Binding – Plastic comb binding is one of the most popular binding methods. It is commonly referred to as GBC Binding, and is used in cookbooks, reports, and training manuals. Though it isn’t the most durable, as the teeth can break off, it’s a more economical option for those who want books to lie flat. Another advantage of a comb bound book is that pages can be added or removed relatively easily without having to replace the comb spine.

    ● Perfect Binding – Perfect binding is commonly used for catalogs, directories and paperback books with a higher page count. Pages are glued together at the spine with a strong, flexible glue. The cover is wrapped around the glued pages, and the brochure or catalog is then trimmed to its finished size. When the book is thick enough (at least more than ¼”) you can add text to the spine, however you do lose real estate near the center as it does not lay flat.

    ● 3-Ring Binding – A 3 ring binder provides just the professionalism and flexibility you need for proposals, meetings, seminars, employee handbooks, technical manuals and more! 3-Ring binders make it super easy to insert, take out, and reorder pages from your publication.

    Binders are available in a multitude of sizes – 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 3”, and even international sizes. Custom Tabs can be used to separate your pages and sections, plus custom spines and covers to create a complete package. Simply send files, and leave the rest to the professionals.

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