the experience and knowledge to defensibly collect and preserve the relevant data

Our data processing tools help organize large amounts of data allowing you to search across files and locate the most relevant documents for review. We make this process easy, so you can focus on the legal aspect of the case.

Barrister Digital Solutions can assist your legal team with the forensic collection and processing of data to be reviewed, shared, and stored in a defensible manner. In conjunction with our standard services: forensic collections, processing, and hosting, we also provide training for case teams and staff. This is to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of technology best practices, as well as the processes being implemented for their cases. We are committed to the continued education of our staff and clients in reference to new legislation, standards, and challenges.

Our team can work with multiple operating systems across mobile phones, desktop and laptop computers, as well as tablets. We have the experience and processes to ensure the full chain of custody is in place so that all data is admissible in court. We take pride in our data processing and our secure efficient hosting and look forward to supporting your work.

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