Where to print in DC & Top 10 Digital Printing Trends 2020

where to print in dc-digital printing

Are you looking for last minute digital printing services in Washington D.C. but not sure who you can rely on? 

If you need to know where to get high quality printing done quickly in Washington D.C. then, we’ve got you covered. Our digital printing services in Washington DC are high quality, available 24/7,365 on-demand printing, with secure file transfer, free delivery 24/7,  and fast turnaround. We are at a very convenient location to all major businesses, courthouses, and offices downtown, too.

So if you’re looking for printing services in Washington DC then, talk to us. You can even securely send your files online and we will print them and deliver them. 

So, where is the best place to get digital printing in DC?

This is our address:

Barrister Digital Solutions

1700 K Street, NW Suite B-100
Washington, DC 20006


Wondering about other ways to make your business stand out in the Washington D.C. market?  Make sure you are taking advantage of the top trends in digital print right now.  We know we live in a digital world, which is all the more reason everything you print has to stand out and look amazing.

top 10 digital printing trends 2020

The Top 10 articles on Digital Printing Trends in 2020:

1)HP Printers shows us a video of not only digital printing trends but profitable trends too.


2)While the print industry has been no stranger to challenges in recent years, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the picture significantly. This article from CRN shows printer industry trends to watch in 2020.  How has your business adapted it’s printing and delivery needs to account fo the current pandemic?


3)Have a look at a few of the latest printing industry trends, and some predictions on what you should be looking for in the coming years through this article from pulp and paper.


4)2020 is here and the new decade promises opportunity, growth, and excitement for the printing industry. In this article, Memjet Chief Executive Officer Len Lauer shares his views on what will make the print industry thrive in 2020.  Is your business prepared to take advantage of these changing trends?


5)2020 has just started, and we have already witnessed many changes, updates, and adaptations  in every industry, and the printing industry is no exception.


6)The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on worldwide business have made us pause and realize that the status quo is a boundary that nature can change at any time…has your business used this time to create plans for addressing unexpected future changes?


7)With 2020 fast approaching, thinprint.com has  taken a look at upcoming 2020 printing trends. The year is going to see some interesting changes in the printing field.


8) Print Media Center has outlined three tech trends, applying to the print industry and beyond, that I’ll be keeping an eye on as we move into a brand-new decade.


9)Increased innovation in technology has led to many industries being overhauled, with the commercial printing industry being no exception to this.


10)In 2020 market consolidation will continue as the global print industry landscape continues to face the forces of digital disruption.